Technovations International Inc. -TII


Steel can be made more efficiently with our knowledge and experience

  • With global overcapacity every steel company has to find a competitive strategy to survive
  • Product performance enhancement and using more advanced CAPITAL INTENSIVE equipment is a proven strategy
  • Innovations by the workforce to improve efficiencies is now an accepted LOW COST strategy
  • TII can help you execute this strategy by providing KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE based training, coaching and mentoring of your entire workforce in process improvement, product development and quality control to meet your customers' requirements
  • TII also provides INSIGHT on the applications and end use of steel products in various markets to increase customer satisfaction and profitabilty of steel companies

  • Strategy for Competitiveness



    TII provides on-site and Internet based interactive training with mentoring.

    We have developed a system for plant specific conditions to make the entire workforce more efficient in their respective tasks. We work on a negotiated small UPFRONT fee with subsequent performance based payments.

    Contact us at OR for free consultations on how you can gain from our Knowledge and Expertise.



  • Steel plants;
  • Secondary steel processors
  • Steel Service Centers
  • Contract Heat Treatment shops
  • Foundries, Forge shops
  • Thermal Spray and Electrodeposition coating


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