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   Who is an ENTREPRENEUR  

  • Sees opportunity in regional, national and global change
  • Understands, discovers or creates an innovation to exploit the opportunity
  • Starts, manages and grows an enterprise by focussing on markets and customers, operations and quality, as well as cash flow
  • Provides a product or service that improves life especially in rural areas
  • Provides employment

    What are the traits of an entrepreneur.

  • Is creative and innovative to exploit an opportunity
  • Has the aAbility to get things done by managing resources
  • Has drive, will, passion, fortitude, high morale, positive attitude
  • Focuses on creating values for the customers
  • Understands, evaluates and is willing to take risk
  • Is strategically focussed for the sustainability of the enterprise

    What skills are needed in Rural Youths.

  • Oral and written communications
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Work ethics and rational approach
  • Scientific temper and hands on working in cross cultural environment with diverse teams
  • Capability to research, gather knowledge analyze, design and apply
  • Critical thinking, innovation focus and problem solving

    What are the challenges faced by Rural Entrepreneur.

  • Licensing, taxes, tariffs, lack of infrastructure
  • Management talent
  • Finance and credit
  • Information on markets, customers, prices
  • Technology, inventory control
  • Marketing, transport

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