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Technical and Consulting Services:

  • Indepth technical audit of the inputs, processes, products, and systems.
  • Innovative research based engineering solutions.
  • Project implementation by training the workforce.
  • Research and Innovation


      Training   Provided

  • Continuous improvement, quality and process control for meeting customers' specifications
  • Sustainable manufacturing with material resources, energy and environmental management;
  • Smelting, melting & refining, rolling, processing of metal products
  • Heat treatment, furnace and combustion control,
  • Interactive knowledge management system for innovation and research
  • Interactive training in standard operating and best practices, quality control, health & safety, and environmental
  • Surface treatment by galvanizing, aluminizing and thermal spray coating
  • Market & business development
  •    Subject   Matter   Expertise

    • Steel Products, Application, End Use, and Markets
    • Market Research and Metal Products Manufacturing Technology
    • Metal Product and Process Design and Development and Simulation;
    • Materials Engineering and Materials Science;
    • Combustion and Thermal Engineering;
    • Technology Assessment; Resource Planning; Project Management



    198 Duck Pond Drive Groton MA 01450
    Phone: 978-842-4587
    Cell: 978-798-0320
    email: technovationsintl@gmail.com



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