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  • Training in steel production economics, end use markets, global trade in steel products, and their selection for specific applications
  • Market development and manufacture of high aluminum zinc alloys
  • Developed a hydrometallurgical flow sheet for the extraction of lead, zinc and cadmium from lead concentrates
  • Implemented Centers of Excellence (COE) in seven (7) steel plants, including stainless steels, and engineering alloys;
  • Provided solutions to the issues raised by the customers after visiting and inspecting products and identifying the root causes;
  • Technical assistance for heat treating plates for a Service center in Ohio;
  • Technical Expert witness on Energy Management System for a zinc producer in Pennsylvania.
  • Markets development for surface engineering processes including thermal spray coating and electro-spark deposition to increase life of components;
  • Development of an interactive operations management system for the manufacture of ingots for high performance plates.
  • Computer based interactive training modules for manufacture and improvement of hot dip galvanizing of fabricated articles;
  • Market development for the application of thermal spray coatings for reducing corrosion of rolls in continuous galvanizing;
  • Spray cooling system for grates and rails used in sintering of zinc bearing raw material;
  • Failure analysis and vendor certification support for an aircrafts engine plant;
  • Cost effective design to reduce chloride corrosion and fretting wear of grates and rails used in the pallets for sintering;
  • Productivity improvement of a decarburization and annealing line for non-grain oriented silicon steel;
  • Increasing the life of coal pulverizer rolls used in thermal power plants;
  • Optimization of energy efficiency with combustion process and quality control for superalloys manufacture;
  • Plant wide natural gas usage and monitoring system and energy reduction programs.
  • Control of electric power demand system to reduce peak load requirement by improved scheduling;
  • Improved the energy efficiency of plant boiler for steam generation.
  • Market development research for the use of high Ni alloys especially for power plants, oil exploration and petro-chemical industry.
  • Enhanced the wear resistance of tools used in extrusion of seamless pipes using a surface alloying process.
  • Energy reduction in steel plants by combustion control, thermal engineering, process optimization and capacity planning.
  • Process optimization and quality control systems for high performance steel plates;
  • Accelerated tempering of Q&T plates.
  • Process control in normalizing, annealing and stress relieving of plates.
  • Computer simulation based level II process control for annealing of stainless steel coils and plates.
  • Computer based process control for heating of slabs and ingots for rolling into plates and hot strip.
  • Feasibility studies for production facilities of a plate mill and designed a quench & temper facility for China and India.
  • Innovative applications of surface coatings based on electrospark sputtering deposition to enhance life of work holding and cutting tools.
  • Design of no-bake foundry for stainless, alloy and carbon steels .


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