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Interactive training system provides specific knowledge, information, instructions for training in entrepreneurship and innovations.  

The system ensures a well-informed workforce with higher efficiency and better use of resources to meet the specific requirements of customers. 

The system provides information on critical operations, the key goals and targets to ensure continuous improvement and development of good process and operations control. 

The system uses innovative multimedia techniques to achieve the following goals:  

  • Provide standard & best operating practices
  • Knowledge & experience based instructions to operators, supervisors, managers and other workforce;
  • Develop electronic transfer of information, data and records on targets achieved, quality control and other data,
  • Safety & health, and environmental instructions;

    The system provide a forum to the workforce for discussing opportunities for continuous improvement.  

    The system provides:

  • A database and an accessible archive of best operating practices, product specifications and other technical information;
  • Internet based help to find solutions to problems  


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