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We implemented a Master Plan for R & D for a large steel company which included

  • Creation of Center of Excellence (COE) in each steel plant focussed on selected product with significant impact on the financial metrics;
  • Assimilate modern technologies for coke-making, sinter production, iron-making and transfer the knowledge to other steel plants
  • Assess, select, acquire, adapt technology and set up facility for thin slab casting, alternate process for iron making, and sustainable manufacturing

    Our Associates provide consulting services for process control, product development and application, research & innovation to meet customers' requirements

    Innovative process controls are based on mathematical simulation and statistical process control;

    Expertise in iron and steel making include:

    • Cokemaking, sintering, blast furnace, desulphurization of hot metal
    • Electric arc furnace, Basic Oxygen Steel making, & vacuum induction melting, Argon Oxygen refining, vacuum arc remelting & electroslag refining
    • Deoxidation control, vacuum and secondary steel making, and inclusion control
    • Ingot and continuous casting
    • Reheating furnace control, Heat Treatment of steel
    • Hot rolling, forging and cold rolling
    • Galvanizing and other coating processes

    Energy reduction through improved equipment design, process control and improvement and training of the workforce;

    Pollution control technologies in coal processing, carbonization, coal combustion and gasification;

    Lime, dolomite, and other mineral processing.

    Design of metallurgical plants such as foundry and forging for stainless, alloy and carbon steels.

    Strategies and mechanisms for financing and implementation of technologies.

    Techno-economic feasibility reports; market development and business opportunity studies.

    Project engineering and Systems and project management including

    • Continuous Improvement,
    • Technology assessment,
    • Design engineering,
    • Project planning, monitoring and control;
    • Contract management; Project management information system;
    • Training of manufacturing and project personnel.

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